MUSIC is like SELF EVOLUTION... You start listening to certain kind of music and it evolves as your sub-conscious mind demands something different or music with some deeper state of consciousness especially when it comes to Psychedelic Goa PsyTrance
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traks list:
1.Egorythmia - Night Shift (Major7 rmx) || Echoes Records
2.Ace Ventura - Dark Matter (Egorythmia Rmx) || Mikrokosmos Records
3.Egorythmia - Arctic Dawn || Unr.
4.Egorythmia vs Ace Ventura - White Tunnel || Iono Music
5.Egorythmia - Ethernal (Pop Art rmx) || Iono Music
6.Egorythmia& Ritmo - Spin It || Iono Music
7.Egorythmia& Zen Mechanics NN || Unr.
8.Egorythmia& Zen Mechanics - Dragonfruit || Iboga Records
9.Egorythmia&E-Clip -Highest Technology || Sourcecode Records
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