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M-THEORY's pounding open sound reflects Marcello's evolution as a producer and psynavigator. Inspired by his journeys through outdoor festivals and sonic fields around the earth, he strives in his music for that perfectly round kick&bass reverberating deeply through the dancefloor.
Marcello (aka dj MarcHello) is London based act M-THEORY.
MarcHello started djing as soon as he arrived in town from Italy at the end of the Nineties and became involved in the underground party scene. Label dj for Etnicanet Records until 2004, he then moved to Neurobiotic and Free-Spirit Records while also acting as an event promoter, co-founder of the legendary Fairy Tales parties. His passion for digital production eventually gave birth to Cimi, a crossover project between full-on and progressive psytrance.
In 2005 Marcello joined forces with Rob, his partner in their new M-Theory project, and together gravitated towards a faster psychedelic sound with edgy morning sounds, underpinned by phat & funky bass lines. They were signed to Alchemy Records in 2007. The Cimi project was put on hold while M-Theory were producing their first album "Branes", released by Alchemy Records in 2009 and followed by a well-received tour around the globe.
Marcello formally went solo as M-THEORY from the beginning of 2011. Rob left the project due to family commitments. During this transition Marcello resumed his work on CIMI and was signed to upcoming UK label Furthur Progressions. Since then he has been producing steadily both full-on and progressive psytrance. He has regular collaborations with established artists, and occasionally dedicates his time to studio mastering... *****************************, *********************...
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