Sesto Sento - Rave & Roll taken from our new album Science.Art.Wonder.
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‘Sesto Sento’ need no introduction, the everlasting kids of the psychedelic trance world, a ‘Gold Record’ status group, who are touring the world non stop for more then 13 years, sweeping huge waves of fans wherever they set their foot worldwide.
With the arrival of their sixth studio album ’Sesto Sento - Science. Art. Wonder.’ An album, that as the name suggests, combines the 3 strongest elements of our life, big dose of Scientific formulas, the beauty and freedom of a true art and the ’Sesto Sento’ extra touch which will keep you wondering and wondering long after your listening experience will be over.
With almost 400,000 followers at their FB page ’Sesto Sento’ decided to take it step forward and as act of love & appreciation for their loyal fans and friends out there to share their new masterpiece for ‘FREE DOWNLOAD’ at their official ‘Youtube’ and ‘Soundcloud’ channels
“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” So make sure you turn up the volume loud enough for all the stars out there to hear

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The Psychedelic Trance trio Sesto Sento are Israeli born Aviram Saharai, Itai Spector and Matan Kadosh. Since their debut release "Soap Bubble" the boys have been touring around the world, playing in front of millions in leading venues and festivals such as Playground, spirit of london, Ommix and XXXperience prestigious tours all around Brazil. They have been collaborating with anyone there is on the top of the PsyTrance scene and remixing huge acts such as Moby, the Police, Depeche Mode, Fatboy Slim, Faithless & more.
After their first two studio albums "The Inner Light" and "The Bright Side", their 3rd one "Come Together" has reached a Gold Record Status, followed by "Key To The Universe" and "P.L.U.R" . Their tracks have been released with leading labels such as Com.Pact Records and Planet B.E.N.
Their live shows are known for taking the crowd to a new level of mind traveling dancing experience including live vocal, guitar and synthesizer.
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